Meat Packing in the UK

February 26, 2019

Written by Stuart Hancock, Founder and Co-owner of Rick Bestwick, and industry leader in the food sector.

I spend a huge amount of time on the road, travelling between our facilities across the North of England and our customers, headquartered across the UK. Speaking to such a diverse range of producers and manufacturers on a daily basis gives amazing insight into the food industry and the issues that manufacturers are dealing with across the UK.

One common issue, particularly among meat producers, are packaging lines; breakdowns, maintenance, audits, approvals, changing legislation and cost of man hours makes many question if there is a way to simplify the process.

That got us thinking, and then acting; and now we have a brand-new meat packing line prepared to pack products for the UK, for Europe and now expanding into Asia with a new approval for South Korea.

The project divides down to three steps, first we got together our team of projects managers, technical experts, engineering specialists and OVS trained vets. The team worked a new HACCP plan and covered off hygiene controls and new operating procedures.

Secondly, they applied for and were granted approval to handle exposed product by the local authorities which allows us to conduct packing operations for the UK and European markets.

Third the team contacted the FSA and after a very thorough audit of their work on the new facilities and processes they were granted South Korean export approval.

We’ve already started our first packing and export contract, but the team isn’t going to rest there, with plans to expand into new markets in the near future.

The service we can now offer meat producers is unparalleled, simply send us the cuts you’ve produced, and we can handle everything from packing to blast freezing, storage and export.

If our services are of interest don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01246 858915.