Rick Bestwick's Place at 1 in 10 Christmas Dinner Tables

December 10, 2018

Christmas and food go hand in hand. Turkey, sprouts, mince pies – it just wouldn’t be Christmas without our festive favourites.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and Rick Bestwick, as always, is integral in getting products on supermarket shelves and ultimately on your dinner table!

Each Christmas we handle millions of products for major retailers in a process which is months in the planning to minute detail.

So just want does Christmas at one of the UK’s largest temperature-controlled food storage operators look like? Let us show you…

The challenge

Although 25 December is the big day for everybody else, roughly a week before is the highlight of the calendar for Rick Bestwick and all our staff.

More products leave our warehouses in Chesterfield, Warrington, Scunthorpe and Liverpool in that week than any other week of the year – ahead of retailers’ peak shopping days of 22 and 23 December.

Meat and veg

We eat around 10 million turkeys every Christmas in the UK. With 1.2 million turkeys making their way through Rick Bestwick this year, we reckon we’ve supplied more than 10% of the UK’s Christmas dinners!

Eat your greens  

For a vegetable that is often rejected by diners, we can confirm, peas are more popular than you are led to believe!  

That is, judging from the fact we’ve been storing 8,500 tonnes of them in readiness for generous helpings sure to land on your plate.  

And for dessert?  

Brits devour 370 million mince pies every Christmas – approximately 5.6 mince pies per person. That means Rick Bestwick has processed 4% (15,000,000) of all the mince pies consumed in the UK.

Tea and biscuits is a traditional end to Christmas dinner. Luckily Rick Bestwick has dispatched 5.8 million boxes of biscuits for the festive season!

The solution

So how does the food industry get such high volumes of product out during such a short space of time in the run-up to peak periods? Be that Christmas, Easter, summer and so on – the seasons are synonymous with food.

With the help of a cold store partner like Rick Bestwick.

For more information visit www.rickbestwick.com.  

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our customers old and new