Specialist blast freezing now available in Warrington

April 09, 2018

Rick Bestwick, Part of the Magnavale Group, has added Blast Freezing to the range of added value services already on offer by their multi-temperature storage facility in Warrington.  

Although this service has only just been added to RB’s Warrington facility, they have years of expertise running the same equipment at their other three sites across the Northern Powerhouse.

Alfredo Torres, Technical Manager and OVS at Rick Bestwick Chesterfield, walked us through the process; “Technical staff trial each new product at the start of every contract. To do this 3 temperature probes are inserted into the product while on the pallet; one in a box on top of the pallet, one on the bottom and one right in the centre. The temperatures are monitored, recorded, graphed and analysed. The resulting thermographs allow our technical staff to determine the exact amount of time necessary to freeze a product right down to the core. This guarantees a complete and reliable freeze, and that the customer doesn’t pay for a moment of unneeded blasting time”.

Rick Bestwick have been seeing a steady increase in the demand for blast freezing and it’s the result of key issues encountered by many food manufacturers nationwide.

1) Lack of space: Food manufacturers can often find that their growth outstrips their floor space and outsourcing blast freezing, storage or other processes such as packing enables them to expand their onsite production facilities.

2) Equipment reliability: Break downs happen to even the highest of quality machinery, but if this happens during a peak period it can be devastating to production capabilities. Passing this responsibility to a partner with a much greater number of blast freezers mitigates the risk and maintains production integrity

3) Process simplification: Food manufacturers often want to focus on what they do best, manufacture food. Cutting processes like blast freezing or packaging from there facilities help them do just that and it makes sense if they have already outsourced their cold storage.

4) Product Quality: Blast freezing, as compared to more traditional methods like chamber freezing, adds days to the shelf life of a product. This is particularly important for meat and dairy producers, but other sectors of the industry are increasingly looking for ways to extend shelf life and maintain their product’s standards; blast freezing can give them an edge they may not have employed before.

Mike Round, Operations Manager at Rick Bestwick Warrington and recent winner of the British Food Federation’s ‘Logistics Champion’ award, commented, “Our facilities in Chesterfield, Scunthorpe and Liverpool are seeing a huge growth in the demand for blast freezing as our customers grow and recognise the benefits of the technology; fast, reliable and consistent freeze down means a higher product standard and extended shelf life. We’re extremely happy to be able to offer the same high-quality service to our customers here in Warrington”