Blast Freezing

We are proud to have the largest blast freezing capacity in the UK, enabling us to meet the intake demands of our customers and working in partnership to extend the life and maintain the quality of food products.

Rick Bestwick has been using blast freezers to freeze products rapidly since 2000, and we provide this service under our BRC Accreditation against the Global Standard for Storage and Distribution.

Blast freezing, which is the process of pushing cold air at high velocity across a product in order to freeze the product down to minus 18°C as quickly as possible, has a number of benefits, including:

  • Maintaining and Enhancing Product Quality – products are taken from fresh to frozen in the most efficient way locking in freshness and restricting bacterial growth which leads to product deterioration;
  • Stopping Bacterial Growth – the growth of bacteria found in meat, fish and poultry is significantly disrupted, ensuring your product is safe for consumption and extending its shelf life;
  • Preserving Nutrients in Food – rapid nutrient deterioration is effectively stopped so nutritional health benefits are preserved;
  • Increasing Production Efficiency & Minimising Waste – ingredients and production lines can be maximised to produce products in bulk which can then be safely stored and called upon when required.